IHNF Celebrates its 35th Anniversary
IHNF Celebrates its 35th Anniversary
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The Institute of Human Nutrition and Food celebrated its 35th anniversary last May 18, 2023. Dr. Aimee Sheree A. Barrion, IHNF Director stated “Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the institute can hold significant importance for the following reasons:

Milestone Achievement:

Reaching the 35th anniversary is a major milestone that signifies longevity, perseverance, and success in sustaining its mission and goals over the years. Celebrating this achievement acknowledges the hard work, dedication, and contributions of everyone involved in the institute’s growth and development;

Reflection and Appreciation:

The anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on the institute’s journey and appreciate the accomplishments and impacts it has made in its field;

Building Relationships:

Celebrating the anniversary strengthens the sense of community within the institute. It brings together the current and former faculty, staff, and students and fosters a sprit of belonging and unity. It provides a platform for networking, reconnection, and formation of new relationships to support the institute’s future endeavors;

Branding and Public Relations:

It can enhance the institute’s reputation and visibility by highlighting its achievements, values, and impacts. It will showcase IHNF’s strength, which can attract potential partners, and increase awareness about its work among the general public and relevant stakeholders;

Lastly, celebrating this anniversary can inspire and motivate future generations of students, faculty, and staff. It showcases a legacy of success, innovation, and excellence, providing role models and success stories that can inspire and ignite a passion to encourage people to contribute to the institute’s mission in the future.

Again, the IHNF Family would like to congratulate the 2023 awardees from One UP Professorial Chair and Faculty Grant, Outstanding Teacher and Administrative Personnel, and Service.

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