Food Management and Administration Division

Covering courses on food selection, preparation, processing at household and community levels, food service systems and food nutrition research with emphasis on physico-chemical properties of food

Aimee Sheree A. Barrion, RND, PhD
Professor 8, UP Scientist I
Chef Von Ryan M. Ebron, MM
Assistant Professor
Clarissa B. Juanico, RND, PhD.
Associate Professor, UP Scientist I
Gemaima C. Evangelista, RND, MSc
Assistant Professor
Irma U. Danao, RND, PhD
Assistant Professor, Division Head (FMAD)
Marie Faye R. Nguyen-Orca, PhD
Associate Professor
Nica Marie SJ. Arganosa, DipBM, MIR
Assistant Professor
Paul Alteo A. Bagabaldo, RND, MSc
Assistant Professor