Food Management and Administration Division

Covering courses on food selection, preparation, processing at household and community levels, food service systems and food nutrition research with emphasis on physico-chemical properties of food

Aimee Sheree A. Barrion, RND, PhD
Professor, UP Scientist I
Clarissa B. Juanico, RND, PhD
Associate Professor, UP Scientist I, and BIDANI Program Leader
Deborah Christine A. de Leon, RND, MSc
Assistant Professor
Gemaima C. Evangelista, RND, MSc
Assistant Professor
Irma U. Danao, RND, PhD
Assistant Professor and Assistant College Secretary
Marie Faye R. Nguyen-Orca, PhD
Associate Professor and Associate Dean
Nica Marie SJ. Argañosa, DipBM, MIR
Assistant Professor
Paul Alteo A. Bagabaldo, RND, MSc
Assistant Professor and Assistant to the Director