University of the Philippines
Human Ecology Student Society

The University of the Philippines Human Ecology Student Society (UP HESS) is a college-based academic organization at the College of Human Ecology in the University of the Philippines Los Baños, composed of BS Nutrition and BS Human Ecology students. The main thrust of the organization is anchored towards the promotion of academic excellence. It also gives equal importance to camaraderie and leadership as a means to aid the well-being of humans. Its approach is fueled by the passion of BS Human Ecology and BS Nutrition students who intend to contribute and integrate their knowledge on their respective fields with the larger society. Moreover, UP HESS believes in the principle, “Humans are a part of nature and are not entitled to work against it.” In this light, HESSians actively take part in the conservation and protection of the environment in pursuit of a sustainable development by the use of present resources without compromising the needs of the future.

TagHESSan ng Talino

(Battle of the Brains)


(Tree-Planting Activity)

Project Love, Hope

(Donation and Volunteering)

ImagiNATION: Optimizing Youth Potential Towards Nation-building